Protect Your Workers With a Hassle-Free RX Safety Eyewear Program

Meet OSHA Safety Glasses Requirements

Safety glasses are manufactured with prescription or non-prescription lenses. Non-prescription safety glasses, known as “plano” lenses, are made to be worn by individuals who do not wear glasses normally to correct their vision. Prescription safety glasses, however, are worn in place of an individual’s regular glasses, in order to protect them from potential hazards that may damage their eyes.

Download the FREE ORR Safety Essential RX Eyewear Program Guidebook. We provide a complete guide on:

| Types of prescription safety glasses required for your industry to meet OSHA and ANSI safety glasses standard 
| How to perform a hazard assessment of your work site
| Types of eye and face protection and the benefits of each (Rx safety glasses, safety goggles, face shields and welding helmets)
| Occupations with a high risk for eye industries such as construction, automotive, welding and manufacturing
| The importance of anti-fog and blue light blocking safety eyewear

Lenses that are used in your prescription safety eyewear will cost more if they are based on retail pricing. ORR Safety has direct partnerships with many manufacturers. It allows us to obtain discount pricing which we then forward onto our customers. 


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