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Video: Tipping Hazards

Oct 5, 2016 8:56:13 AM Posted by Steve Ellis, Corp. Health & Safety Director

Tipping Hazards
Tipping is great if you're a server or Uber driver, but it's not so great for file cabinets, bookshelves, and other heavy objects that can injure or kill people by falling on them. This video highlights a deadly hazard that often goes unnoticed in the workplace. 



So, IKEA is pulling back tens of millions of dressers warning they could tip over and kill a small child if not properly secured.  ABC's David Curley has the latest on that.


Just ordered this morning, furniture giant IKEA recalling 29 million dressers because of a risk of tipping over with deadly consequences.


That is devastating.


It is, it's fatal.


The pictures, the numbers are stunning.


This is our way of enacting what actually happens in American homes.


Most of the dressers were already under a repair order.  More than 30 children had been hurt, 6 children have been killed.  One of those deaths, 2-year-old Curran Collis.  His mother found him pinned under an IKEA dresser.  IKEA says its dressers should all be anchored to the wall and has been offering repair kits for older units, but now admits these dressers that are under recall didn't meet standards. 


This video illustrates a hazard that many of us may not have considered before.  Is there furniture in the home that can tip over unexpectedly?  Well what are the factors that will cause furniture to tip over?  Is there furniture on the workplace they can tip over unexpectedly?  What alternatives do we have to prevent furniture at home or in the workplace from tipping over?  And which of these alternatives seem to be the best?  Once you've thought about these points I hope you'll be able to share this awareness and your ideas with your coworkers, family, and friends.


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