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Video: Putting Medical Info in your iPhone

Oct 5, 2016 8:34:24 AM Posted by Steve Ellis, Corp. Health & Safety Director

Putting Medical Info On Your Phone
Technology has enabled some clever solutions to old problems. Did you know your iPhone can help get critical information to first responders or doctors during an emergency, such as allergies, medical conditions, emergency contacts, and more? Watch the following video to learn how you can configure your iPhone to store that information in case of emergency.

We're going to be focusing on the health application here.  But before I show you how to set it all up I want to show you it in action, and show you how it can actually save your life in a potential emergency situation. 

So I've gone ahead and locked my phone here, and if anybody tried to unlock it they'd be greeted with a password.  Now most of us have a password protecting our devices, and if in an emergency no one can access your contacts or your information. 

But Apple introduced this emergency tab here years ago, and this allowed people to make emergency calls in those specific situations.  Now when IOS8 was released Medical ID was released with it, and now in the emergency section if you tap on Medical ID all of your medical information will be available, and it could help save your life in an emergency situation. 

Let's go ahead and basically set up this tip here so that you can enter in your medical information.  So we're going to tap on the health application here, and at the bottom right you'll see we have the Medical ID tab.  If you tap on that it'll bring you to a page that'll say create your Medical ID.  Tap on that and it'll take you to this page.  Now the first setting we're going to look at it is the emergency access. 

Now you want to make sure that this is on when your device is locked, so make sure you have the show unlocked tab to on.  This way they can access it when it's locked.  The rest of the information is pretty much up to you.  What you feel you want to give, and what you feel you want to do; so your picture, your name, your date of birth, medical conditions, medical notes, allergies, medications, adding an emergency is very important, blood type, organ donor, weight, height. 

And then finally if at any time you want to delete this you can do so by tapping the delete button at the bottom.  Once you're done tap done, and you've set up your Medical ID, and in case of an emergency your information that could potentially save your life will be available to the right people 


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