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PDF Library: 8 Short Safety Talks

Oct 5, 2016 8:29:05 AM Posted by Steve Ellis, Corp. Health & Safety Director

Short Safety Talks
In-depth articles and videos are great for diving into safety topics, but part of developing a strong safety culture in your company is creating an environment of readily-available "snackable safety" talks, quick chats about  safety that can be held during a morning briefing or during slow moments on the job. We've posted eight concise safety talks below. Work them into your next meeting!


1. An Eye Protection True-or-False Quiz: How Many Do You Know?


2. Extension Cord Safety


3. Fireworks Safety - A Great Topic Before January and July


4. How To Treat an Eye Injury


5. Watch Out For Falling Objects


6. What Do All Those Indicators on My Dashboard Mean?


7. Organizing an Ergonomic Workstation


8. Adding Medical Information to your iPhone





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