Advantage Plus Rx Eyewear Program

ADVANTAGE PLUS is an innovative safety eyewear system that integrates technology, data analysis, best practices and strategic partnerships to form a complete solution for the challenges of implementing and managing an Rx Safety Eyewear program.

One of the many benefits of choosing the ADVANTAGE PLUS eyewear program is the ability to build your own customized program. Customizable options include:

     •   Various pricing schedules
     •   Onsite or offsite dispensing
     •   Customized web portal
     •   Choices for eligibility

By partnering with ORR Safety you will get the support your employees deserve. We provide more Rx Safety Eyewear than any other safety equipment distributor in the US. Our safety specialists have 5 to 30+ years of Rx experience and they will put that experience to work for you.

Our back-end systems and network are supported by HOYA, the largest provider of industrial Rx Safety Eyewear in the U.S., giving your employees access to over 2,500 eye care professionals nationwide. Additionally, the administrative portion of the ADVANTAGE PLUS eyewear program is built in ORR’s NetSITE portal. NetSITE gives users access to employee eligibility, invoicing, accounts payable history and more.

To learn more about Rx Eyewear Programs, DOWNLOAD the RX eBook.