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The GilAir Plus Personal Air Sampling Pump (1 - 5000 cc/min) - Featuring wide dynamic flow and pressure ranges designed to handle all personal air sampling methods, the GilAir plus can conduct both low-flow and high-flow sampling with a single pump. It examines particulates, gasses, metal fumes, and various vapors. It's compatible with mainstream sampling media. It supports a variety of languages including English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, German, and Portueguese. It even has an outlet port for bag sampling.
The Svantek Noise Dosimeter has a 1/2 MEMS microphone making calibration easy and using the most common acoustic calibrators. The SV104 is cable-free, generally attached to the user’s shoulder, close to the ear using mounting clips. The instrument works with Svantek’s specialist health and safety software package “Supervisor” and is powered using built-in rechargeable batteries or through the USB interface which also enables easy connection between the SV104 and a PC.

The MX6 iBrid™ sprints past the competition because it's the first gas monitor to boast a full-color LCD display screen.

The Ventis MX4 gas takes your gas detection program to the next level, monitoring 1-4 gases, configurable with or without a pump, available with black or orange overmold, and sporting an iNet™ Ready and DS2 compatible

Industrial Scientific 6' Extendible Stainless Steel Sampling Probe is ideal for gas detectors.

The DS2 Docking Station™ provides the ultimate flexibility for managing your gas monitors wherever you use them. Ethernet connectivity enables you to link up to 700 stand-alone Instrument Docking Stations (IDSs) from remote locations anywhere in your facility and relay the data back to one central database for total instrument management.











Gilibrator Kit

$18.00 $94.00 $320.00

GilAir Plus Single

$20.00 $104.00 $355.00
GilAirPlus Pump 5 Pack $90.00 $450.00 $1530.00
Svantek Noise Dosimeter Single $40.00 $200.00 $729.00
Svantek Dosimeter 5 Pack $184.00 $720.00 $2880.00
Industrial Scientific MX6 $43.20 $216.00 $864.00
Industrial Scientific MX6 PID $57.60 $288.00 $1,152.00
Industrial Scientific MX4 $43.20 $216.00 $864.00
ISC Stainless Steel Probe $4.50 $22.50 $90.00
Docking Station DS2 $45.00 $225.00 $900.00