An "eCatalog" is just a fancy way of referring to ORR's electronic catalog of personal protective equipment, like safety glasses or cut-resistant gloves, organized into a series of categories and subcategories. ORR maintains a public catalog for retail shoppers and builds custom curated catalogs for our contract customers.

We help you control costs and standardize equipment whether you operate out of a small garage or you have a hundred locations all over the United States. Other benefits: 


Boot Selection

Product Customization
Allow your employees to have access to ORR's full line of safety products or pick and choose only the products right for you. Products can be limited by location, job type, hazard type, and more! 

Boot and Shoe Program Fulfillment Options

A suite of self service tools allows you to add and inactivate users, set up order approvals, store addresses and company cards, and set up spending allowances that reset when you want them to automagically (we call these "vouchers")

Boot and Show Program Administration

Self-Service Information
Online record keeping and reporting available. Access purchase history, usage reports, and eligibility dates at any time, anywhere. More complex reports are available upon request!