boot and shoe program

Having the proper shoes for the job is critical, but when it comes to safety shoes and boots, one size does not fit all. From our experience, we've seen how sub-par personal protective equipment, sloppy safety procedures, and improper training costs companies big time. OSHA estimates that occupational injuries and illnesses cost businesses $170 billion every year.


The four criteria listed below are a tried-and-true way to start and manage an effective, efficient, and OSHA-compliant Boot and Shoe program. Full details on starting a boot and shoe program can be found by reading our eBook.


Benefits of a Boot and Shoe Program


 Safety Boots and Steel-Toed Boots and Technical Safety Products 

Choose shoes from major safety shoe manufacturers. A wide selection means you can provide a comfortable shoe that's right for the job, resulting in a healthy and happy employee!


Boot and Shoe Program Fulfillment Options

Fulfillment options
Whether you would like an On-site Shoe Store or to order direct, many options are available! Shoes can be shipped to work or home, and no pesky shoemobiles to deal with.

Boot and Show Program Administration



We know who is eligible, for what, and when they are. Different payment options, including payroll deduction, are available. Purchases can be tracked by location, recipient, and cost center, or any other designator that is needed. Give your employees options with automated and/or cyclical employee spending allowances.

Self Service Information and Safety Equipment Store

Self-Service Information

Online record keeping and reporting available. Access purchase history, invoices, and eligibility dates at any time, anywhere.