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Update Your Company's Boot & Shoe Program

12/5/17 4:24 PM Posted by Phil Aldridge, eCommerce Manager

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welder bootsWhat you look for in your work boots and shoes varies depending on your role. Workers may care more about comfort and style, while a good manager is also concerned about making sure those boots follow OSHA guidelines without breaking their bottom line. Despite these differing priorities, safe and appropriate footwear in the workplace should be important to workers and employers alike.

The ramifications are just too costly and hazardous to overlook; the average foot injury costs $9,600, and in 2015, there were 89,090 foot and ankle injuries in the private industry in the U.S. alone - 9.9% of all OSHA reported injuries and illnesses! Avoiding everything from lost production time to worker compensation and medical expenses benefits everyone. Our Essential Boot and Shoe Guidebook will show you how to create a boot and shoe program that is right for your company and your workers.

Stay Compliant with OSHA Requirements

The industries most vulnerable to foot injuries are heavy transportation, oil and gas, and food processing, but every industry can benefit from updating their PPE and safety programs. Not only will you keep your workers safer, OSHA and ASTM require employers to make sure protective footwear is worn when there is a danger of foot injury in the workplace.

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A Step by Step Guide to Creating a Stellar Program

This guidebook is designed to make it easy for you to create an affordable and up-to-date boot and shoe program that will last for many years to come. Inside you’ll find our four-step approach to starting and managing an effective, efficient, and OSHA-compliant boot and shoe program.

Step 1: The Initial Walkthrough

Step 2: Find Footwear In Step With Function

Step 3: Stomp Down on Costs

Step 4: Kickoff and Run Your Program

Beyond these four steps, you’ll learn about the different styles of safety footwear, trusted brands, how to evaluate your boot and shoe options, and the best way to implement your new plan.

Everything You Need to Roll It Out

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Whatever your industry, our boot and shoe program will make it easier to keep your employees and your workplace safe. Learn OSHA requirements, make choices that make sense for your employees and your industry, compare different types of shoes and boots, implement a great plan, and save yourself, your employees, and your business money!


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