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Phil Aldridge, eCommerce Manager

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Update Your Company's Boot & Shoe Program

12/5/17 4:24 PM Posted by Phil Aldridge, eCommerce Manager

What you look for in your work boots and shoes varies depending on your role. Workers may care more about comfort and style, while a good manager is also concerned about making sure those boots follow OSHA guidelines without breaking their bottom line. Despite these differing priorities, safe and appropriate footwear in the workplace should be important to workers and employers alike.

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ORR Protection Launches New Website

9/27/17 8:20 AM Posted by Phil Aldridge, eCommerce Manager

ORR Protection, ORR Safety's sister company, announced the arrival of their new website today! After an extensive planning, research, and rebranding process the new site is now available for all to explore. Watch the video below for a quick introduction and take a moment today to explore throughout their site.

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Stylish and Practical Safety Eyewear that Protects Your Workers

8/22/17 3:55 PM Posted by Phil Aldridge, eCommerce Manager

For years, workers across the country have been plagued with a dilemma: safety glasses keep them protected, but are often uncomfortable and out of style. ORR recognized this gap and designed a line of eyewear that offers superior protection, without sacrificing fashion or comfort. We're excited to announce that this line is now available in our complete XP Protective Safety Eyewear Catalog! This catalog is designed to help you choose the best frame and lens technology, lens options, and safety protective features that your people will want to wear on the job site and beyond. 

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ORR Safety Unveils Innovative XP Max Line for the Pulp and Paper Industry

8/17/17 2:06 PM Posted by Phil Aldridge, eCommerce Manager

For the pulp and paper industry, ORR Safety's XP Max line of PPE is the gold standard in comfort and protection. It's cutting edge stuff, but it has its roots way back in our company's history.

ORR Safety got its start back in 1948 when Clark Orr Sr. began selling personal protective equipment out of the trunk of his Packard. It’s not cute marketing mythmaking, it really is the company origin story and it’s why we are who we are.

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