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Ticks and the Threat of Lyme Disease

10/27/17 1:40 PM Posted by Ryan Jumps, eCommerce Specialist

Did you ever think something smaller than a fingernail could make a grown person sick? Unfortunately for many workers in the United States, this is an all too real problem. Every summer, the tick population sees its annual population boom. With many people outside working or enjoying the weather, we also see the rise of diseases that ticks can transmit. We’ve got some tips to keep you safe and stay protected from ticks and the Lyme disease they can sometimes carry.

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The Importance of Hard Hat Safety and Maintenance

10/11/17 10:23 AM Posted by Jill Novak, eCommerce Specialist

Helmets have been used by humans since ancient times, but it wasn't until the last 100 years that they evolved from warfare-exclusive use into the universal symbol for work that we know today.

It all started in the early 20th century when protective caps began being used for worker protection during the Hoover Dam (1931) and Golden Gate Bridge (1933) construction projects. Hard hat use expanded to mining and shipyard operations shortly after. Since then, hard hats have become a staple for workplace safety and protection. OSHA now mandates that anyone in danger of an impact head injury, falling or flying objects, or electrical shock and burns, should be protected by a protective helmet (OSHA 2012).

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