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5 Companies Giving Back to the Community and the Environment

2/25/16 11:27 AM Posted by Phil Aldridge, eCommerce Manager

In the world of industrial safety, sometimes we stay laser-focused on companies who do the wrong thing. While it's important to recognize unsafe activities and intervene, we think it is also important to recognize when companies do good things. We want to take time to applaud those who are going beyond the call of duty and making a lasting impact on their surroundings. Specifically, we want to recognize five companies in the construction, industrial, or manufacturing sphere who are giving back to their communities or the environment in meaningful ways.

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Be Disciplined So You Don't Get Disciplined

2/19/16 2:28 PM Posted by Phil Aldridge, eCommerce Manager

Here at ORR Safety, we live by the creed "Your safety is our focus." That focus applies both to providing workers with equipment that safeguards their health and well-being, as well as encouraging a safety culture that renders personal protective equipment a last resort instead of the first line of defense. Taking necessary safety precautions today will minimize the risk of injury tomorrow. However, injuries aren’t the only risk your business faces; a lapse in safety culture can result in fines, penalties, and prosecution.

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8 Essential Steps for Commercial Vehicle Post-Collision Safety

2/4/16 7:00 AM Posted by Steve Ellis, Corporate Health and Safety Director

No one expects to be in a vehicle accident and most people are not prepared for one when it happens. If it’s a work-related vehicle accident, the way that you respond immediately after will determine not only whether the incident is contained and all parties are kept safe, but also whether you or your business is exposed to further expense and liability. That's why it's critical to have a step-by-step post-collision plan prepared in advance and to make sure you and your workers are regularly trained on it. Knowing what steps to take (and what order to take them in) can make the entire experience safer and keep you and your workers compliant with Department of Transportation regulations. 


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