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The Difference between the Various RX Safety Eyewear Lens Types

10/26/15 7:30 AM Posted by Gil Truesdale, National Sales Director

Eye safety is one of the top concerns for any safety manager. In some cases, this safety comes in the way of not just any regular safety eyewear option but in the form of prescription safety glasses.

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6 Ways to Prevent Low-Back Injuries on the Worksite

10/23/15 8:00 AM Posted by Steve Ellis, Corporate Health and Safety Director

Low-back pain is one of the top 5 reasons for doctor visits. Additionally, every year 5 out of 10 working adults report suffering from back pain. How can safety managers make sure all workers don’t become part of these sobering statistics? While there’s no one way or silver bullet when it comes to preventing or lowering the risk of low-back injuries during work but there are different methods that you can implement and combine to help.

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Choosing the Right Emergency Eyewash Station for Your Facility

10/19/15 6:07 PM Posted by Gil Truesdale, National Sales Director

According to NIOSH, roughly 2,000 work-related eye injuries occur each day; these injuries can result in anywhere from one to multiple days of lost work and serious life altering damage to workers. What tools are available to workers via your eyewash station can not only help reduce the amount of work lost but, more importantly, make the difference in saving the injured worker’s vision. With a number of different things that you must be compliant with and a variety of different options to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming for some when it comes to selecting the right emergency eyewash station for their facility. Here are some simple ways to help assess what to look for and how to choose the best station for your needs.

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How to Choose the Right Cut Resistant Glove for the Job

10/12/15 11:07 AM Posted by Gil Truesdale, National Sales Director

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate, and these advances are not limited to televisions, smart phones or tablets. This infographic highlights just how many different types and levels of cut resistant glove technologies there are to choose from.

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