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Surviving the Cold Isn't Just for Winter

1/26/15 3:22 PM Posted by Gil Truesdale, National Sales Director

For much of the United States, January and February present challenges for workers exposed to frigid outdoor temperatures. Personal Protective Equipment and training are imperative. You have to know the warning signs of exposure, but you also need to know how to survive if isolated or trapped. For some people, protection from the cold is a necessity all year long. Their winter temperatures are warmer outside than in their indoor workplace! This is a true story about a forklift driver in a cold storage warehouse who became stranded a mile away from help, how circumstances put her at risk, and how she survived. We'll call her Janet.

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Your Workers Need Safety Shoes and You Want a Program That Works

1/12/15 10:15 AM Posted by Robert Byrd, National Safety Shoe Program Manager

As a safety footwear specialist for ORR Safety, I understand the needs of both safety program managers and employees when it comes to getting the right men's or women's safety shoes. Our shoe program is designed to meet the needs of employers and workers, while making the program easier for everyone involved.

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