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Kitchen Fire Facts That Will Shock You

10/18/13 3:04 PM Posted by Vic A. Lovell, QSSP

As a first responder I have witnessed many tragedies due to home fires. Sadly more fires start in the kitchen than in any other place in the home. Two of every five home fires start in the kitchen while food is cooking. Beyond being common, cooking fires are also deadly. On average, they cause 44 percent of home fires, 15 percent of home fire deaths and 38 percent of home fire injuries each year.

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Halloween Safety

10/12/13 4:23 PM Posted by Vic A. Lovell, QSSP

Anytime a child has an accident, it's tragic. The last thing that you want to happen is for your child to be hurt on a holiday, it would forever live in the minds of the child and the family. ORR Safety wants you to be safe!

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Federal government shutdown & NOAA.GOV

10/1/13 10:37 AM Posted by Vic A. Lovell, QSSP

Just in time for the peak of hurricane season...

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