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What’s Your Plan When Something Spills (and does your team know)?

3/6/17 7:23 AM Posted by Steve Ellis, Corporate Health and Safety Director

Whether we like it or not, chemical spills are an expected part of operations at many factories, plants, and facilities across the country. The way spills are dealt with are unique to these locations and the materials they store. Despite their differences, all these facilities have one thing in common: the need for a firmly established plan to follow when responding to a spill.

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ORR Safety Chat: Work Travel (Video)

2/2/17 2:08 PM Posted by Phil Aldridge, eCommerce Specialist

When you clock out for the day, it's often difficult to maintain that level of safety awareness you have while at work. You don't have hazard communication signs around every corner, there aren't many lines on the ground showing you where it's safe to walk, and you're not surrounded by like-minded safety folk. But, with the right mindset, safety is something that can carry over to all aspects of your life. Watch the video below as Phil sits down at the airport and discusses traveling with a safety-conscious and alert mindset.

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ORR Safety Chat: Martial Arts with a Work Truck (Video)

1/25/17 8:24 AM Posted by Phil Aldridge, eCommerce Specialist

When you think about martial arts, you're most likely NOT thinking about any correlation to work safety. These two practices typically aren't paired together, but the foundational aspects of Aikido show that some martial arts principles can be applied to your safety mindset to help you stay safe on-the-job. In the video below, Safety Specialist Phil Aldridge discusses a specific principle and how you can put it to work right away.


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Final Rule on Beryllium Expands Safety Standards

1/23/17 9:47 AM Posted by Steve Ellis, Corporate Health and Safety Director

After decades of debate and scientific research, OSHA released their final rule on beryllium occupational exposure earlier this month. The new standard will effectively lower exposure limits, restrict access to high-exposure areas, and provide more protection to exposed workers.

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