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Lockout Tagout: the Key to Safety Success

12/1/16 10:30 AM Posted by Steve Ellis, Corporate Health and Safety Director

When your mechanic is working on your car, they have no hesitation sticking their hands deep into the bowels of the vehicle amongst the pistons, fan belts, and other engine parts that could severely injure someone. Why is this? Because your mechanic knows with certainty the vehicle won’t spring to life, rev the engine, and run them over. The mechanic has this confidence because a key must be inserted into the ignition and turned in order for a car to use its energy source. If the key is in your mechanic’s pocket, they can rest assured that ignition isn’t going to happen without their consent.

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Respiratory Protection: The Air You Breath at Work

11/17/16 9:31 AM Posted by Steve Ellis, Corporate Health and Safety Director

Every year, over 200 workers in the United States die from a disease called silicosis. Hundreds of other workers - some as young as 22 years old – become disabled, unable to provide for themselves or their families. Silicosis is caused by breathing in fine particles of silica which become trapped inside the lungs. They cannot be removed; they simply build up over time until the victim is permanently disabled or worse. Silica particles are found in many kinds of rock, masonry, paints, concrete, soil, mortar, and plaster. Any type of work that involves cutting, drilling, digging, abrading, or blasting these kinds of materials puts workers at risk for this disease.

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Got a Cough?  What if it's Work, not Weather?

11/10/16 1:15 PM Posted by Steve Ellis, Corporate Health and Safety Director

A cough is a trademark of winter months, and for good reason. Cold temperatures force people indoors, making them more likely to breath in others' germs and touch surfaces that are breeding grounds for viral respiratory illnesses. But that nagging cough that just won't give you a break could also be the result of something other than the common cold.

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Exposed Valve Stems: Sneaky, Costly Hazards

11/3/16 8:04 AM Posted by Phil Aldridge, eCommerce Specialist

We all have activities we look forward to when fall rolls around. For some, it’s hay rides and pumpkin patches. For others, it’s family cookouts. For me, nothing beats curling up with some good research on workplace dental trauma. For example, in a study published in Occupational Medicine, researchers discovered 1.71 out of every 1000 workplace accidents involves dental trauma, most requiring surgery and sick leave lasting several days or weeks. OSHA considers dental trauma a serious, recordable injury. I was thinking about it because of a sneaky hazard our safety experts are starting to hear more and more about: exposed valve stems.

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