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Are You Making Smart Investments With Your Instrumentation?

8/24/16 7:30 AM Posted by Phil Aldridge, eCommerce Specialist

When I was in high school, I purchased a tuxedo for my senior prom. The thought was, because I would surely attend many formal occasions in the future that would require a tuxedo, I'd save money by choosing to buy instead of rent. As it turns out, my vision of a black tie future was quite exaggerated. This same dilemma pops up when thinking about industrial instrumentation, such as gas detection equipment or demand flow regulators. Should you make the investment up front and buy or will renting be more financially wise in the long run?

Making the decision to rent or buy your safety gear is daunting if you've never done it before. When you buy an item, you run the risk of potential minimum usage. Alternatively, when you rent an item, you will have a sunk cost if you end up deciding it's better to purchase. There is a time and place for both renting and buying that depends on budget, preference, and type of item. To help your decision-making, we've outlined some of the common scenarios and what to expect when you choose either.


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Summer Safety Alert: Electric Shock Drowning

8/23/16 9:23 AM Posted by Steve Ellis, Corporate Health and Safety Director

As the dog days of summer arrive, we are at the height of sunscreen, popsicle, and watersport season. Everyone has a different way to cool off from the August sun, but jumping into a body of water may be the most tempting escape from the heat and humidity. Despite the refreshment that a cannon-ball into cool water promises, there can be a danger lurking beneath the surface of these waters that is unseen and often unpredictable.

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Standards Infographic: Flame Resistant/Arc Flash/High Visibility Clothing

8/16/16 8:30 AM Posted by ORR Safety

While working in the safety industry, you are faced with a wide array of acronyms, numbers, and requirements. Beginners and experts alike have difficulty remembering these terms, not to mention reciting each off the top of their head. We created this glossary as your one stop shop for Flame Resistant, Arc Flash, and High Visibility lingo.

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Stay Shock Free: A Quick Guide to Arc Flash Safety

7/18/16 9:18 AM Posted by Steve Ellis, Corporate Health and Safety Director

If you’ve ever seen an arc flash in person, you know how sudden and terrifying they can be. Often fatal, arc flashes occur “whenever there is a loss of insulation between two conductive objects at sufficient potential (voltage)” (ABB Inc., 2009). In other words, they occur when there is an arc fault; the air becomes a conductor and an extremely dangerous electrical explosion ensues. If you're working near an energized area, you're at risk for arc flash exposure.

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